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2006年6月 欧州理事会の最終決議



With a view to further increase openness, transparency and accountability, the European Council agrees on the following measures aiming at a stronger involvement of citizens in the work of the Union:

All Council deliberations on legislative acts to be adopted by co-decision shall be open to the public as shall the votes and the explanation of votes by Council Members. The Council or Coreper may decide in individual cases that a given deliberation should not be open to the public.

The Council's first deliberations on legislative acts other than those adopted by co-decision, which given their importance are presented orally by the Commission in a Council session, shall be open to the public. The Presidency may decide in individual cases that the Council's subsequent deliberations on a particular act shall be open to the public, unless the Council or Coreper decide otherwise.

The Council shall regularly hold public debates on important issues affecting the interests of the Union and its citizens. Such debates will be held further to a decision by the Council or Coreper, acting by qualified majority. Implementation of this commitment shall start during the incoming Presidency, which would submit proposals for such public debates taking into account the importance of the matter and its interest to citizens.

The General Affairs and External Relations Council's deliberations on the 18 month programme shall be public, as shall other Council formations' deliberations on their priorities.
The Commission's presentation of its five year programme, of its annual work programme and of its annual policy strategy, as well as the ensuing debate, shall be public.

All public deliberations shall be broadcasted in all languages through video-streaming and there shall be an obligation for a recorded version to remain available for at least a month on the Council's internet site.

The incoming Presidency is invited, together with the General Secretariat of the Council, to develop new means of giving more publicity to public deliberations, in particular through the Council's web site and mailing list, an easily accessible and constantly updated list of forthcoming debates, appropriate background material, as well as direct communication to target audiences. They will work closely together to provide the media and citizens with an open, rapid and technically advanced communication service.

The General Secretariat of the Council shall inform the public in advance of the dates and approximate time on which public debates will take place and shall take all practical measures to ensure proper implementation of the rules of transparency.

(出展) 欧州理事会の最終決議(EUの公式サイト) (PDF File)




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