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Petrotub and Republica v. Council 判決

Case C-76/00 P, Petrotub and Republica v. Council [2003] ECR I-79
     2003年1月9日 判決

 すでに Portugla v. Council 判決において、EC 裁判所は、WTO諸協定の裁判規範性を否認しているが、Petrotub and Republica v. Council 判決において、この判旨はさらに明確にされており、EC 裁判所は次のように述べている。

53   It is true that it is settled case-law of the Court of Justice that, having regard to their nature and structure, the WTO Agreement and the agreements and understandings annexed to it are not in principle among the rules in the light of which the Court is to review the legality of measures adopted by the Community institutions, pursuant to the first paragraph of Article 230 EC (see Case C-149/96 Portugal v Council [1999] ECR I-8395, paragraph 47, and the order in Case C-307/99 OGT Fruchthandelsgesellschaft [2001] ECR I-3159, paragraph 24).